Is Germany Safe for Indian Students: A Complete Guide

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Why do Indian Students Prefer Germany for Studies?

  • Renowned German universities, especially in engineering and tech, attract global students.

  • Public universities charge no tuition fees, making Germany budget-friendly, especially in some cities.

  • Germany boasts a thriving job market, with employers seeking skilled graduates.

  •  Many postgraduate programs are offered in English, welcoming international students.

  • Germany prioritizes research, offering opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers and companies.

  • Germany offers a safe and welcoming environment with a high standard of living, ideal for Indian students.

Is Germany safe for Indian students? If you have a similar query, we will try to decode it today.  Germany is increasingly popular among many Indian students as the country provides excellent education, has many well-known universities, an amazing infrastructure, and a rich student culture. Germany offers a mix of academic life and space to enjoy the culture. Many students pursuing higher studies often question whether Germany is safe for Indian students. If so, then how safe is Germany for Indian students? In this article, let us look into the safety aspects of Germany for Indian students by looking into the concerns and the overall environment of Germany if you plan to study here.

Is Germany Safe For Indian Students?

Is Germany Safe For Indian Students? Germany is generally considered safe for international students, even students from India. According to recent reports, Germany has seen a decrease in crime rate in major cities, especially in cities like Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, where there are high numbers of students due to prestigious universities in these cities. The German government has also introduced various measures to ensure that Germany is safe for domestic and international students.

Safety Measures in Germany for Indian Students

If you are still wondering how safe Germany is for Indian students. Here are some of the measures taken by the authorities to make sure Germany is safe for international students, including Indians.

1. Laws and Regulations

Germany has made strict laws to ensure safety among its residents, including international students. Police here are known for responding quickly and are efficient in doing so. There are many helplines available for students in case of an emergency. 

  • Student Support Services: German universities always have a dedicated student support system. These support bodies help with legal issues, accommodation, and personal safety. 

  • Campus Safety: Almost all universities in Germany have modern safety measures and security personnel to ensure a safe campus environment. 

  • Local Police Presence: All major cities in Germany have a strong police presence, especially in places with many students, which is reassuring. 

Is Germany safe for Indian students? If you are still doubting this question, then here is some more information on international student life and testimonials from Indian students who have completed their post-graduation studies at various German universities. 

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How Safe is Germany for Indian Students? Student Experiences

To know if Germany is safe for Indian students in detail, here are some testimonials from students experiencing first-hand interaction with the German community:

1. Testimonials and Anecdotes

To better understand how safe Germany is for Indian Students, we have gathered testimonials from Indian Students studying there. These testimonials reflect the positive experience and the sense of security Indian students feel. 

  • Anika Sharma, Master’s Student in Berlin: "I have been living in Berlin for over a year now, and I have always felt safe. The local community is very welcoming, and I haven't faced any issues related to safety."

  • Rajesh Patel, PhD Candidate in Munich: "Munich is a great place to study. The university has excellent support services, and the city's low crime rate makes me feel safe here as an international student."

  • Priya Menon, Bachelor's Student in Frankfurt: "Frankfurt is an amazing city with a diverse population. The public transportation is very reliable, and I feel secure commuting late at night."

These experiences of Indian students answer the question of “ is Germany safe for Indian students?” as Germany provides a safe and supportive environment for Indian students, allowing them to focus on their studies and enjoy their time abroad.

Comparison of Public vs. Private Universities in Terms of Safety for International Students

In the saga of Is Germany safe for Indian students, let us compare the public and private universities in Germany in terms of safety for international students:

1. Safety Considerations

There are many factors you need to consider when you plan to pursue higher education abroad, and safety should be on that list; here is a brief overview of the differences in safety measures taken by public and private universities.

  • Public Universities: These Universities have extensive resources and facilities dedicated to student safety. Public Universities usually have larger campuses and are well-equipped with modern security technology to ensure further safety for all students.

  • Private Universities: While private universities are smaller in size, they heavily prioritize the safety of their students, and they are all equipped with CCTV and offer personalized support services. Since fewer students are studying in private universities, they have a rich and safe community. 

2. Advantages and Differences

  • Public Universities: These universities usually have more funding and can provide extensive safety measures and student support services. They often have international offices that are aimed specifically to help foreign students.

  • Private Universities: These institutions might offer a more personalized approach to student safety, with smaller campuses and closer student-staff interactions, which builds a stronger sense of community and security. 

Support Networks for Indian Students in Germany

Germany has taken some new approaches which make a huge difference in the lives of international students. Germany has several organizations and student groups dedicated to supporting Indian students.

Here are some of these new approaches taken:

  • Indian Student Associations:  Most major universities in Germany have Indian student associations that organize social, cultural, and academic events. These associations give opportunities to connect with fellow Indians, share experiences, and provide mutual support.

  • Buddy Programs: Many universities have buddy programs that pair new international students with senior students. They can help with accommodation, help you understand how public transport works and help with other essentials.

  • Counselling and Support Services: Universities offer counselling services to help students cope with academic pressure, cultural adjustment, and personal issues. Professional counsellors are available to provide confidential support and guidance.

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Here below is a list of all the important numbers for different embassies to help navigate in Germany:




Contact (Regular Hours)

Contact (After Hours)


Berlin (Embassy)

Tiergartenstraße 17, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Monday - Friday from 9.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs

Closed on Sat-Sun & Holidays

+ 49 30 2579 50 (PABX)

+49 30 2579 5101 (in case of emergency)


Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Monday - Friday from 9.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs

Closed on Sat-Sun & Holidays

+49 69 153 00 50

+49 69 15300528/526


Graumannsweg 57, 22087 Hamburg, Germany

Monday - Friday from 9.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs

Closed on Sat-Sun & Holidays

+49 40 338036



Widenmayerstrasse 15, 80538 Munich, Germany

Monday - Friday from 9.00 hrs to 17.30 hrs

Closed on Sat-Sun & Holidays

+49 89 21023920




Is Germany safe for Indian students? The answer can only be a big YES based on the analysis, testimonies, and real stories. Germany is the prime choice for Indian students regarding safe places. With its quality education, reasonable tuition, and friendly atmosphere, Germany is the leading destination for Indian students. Through strict safety measures and various support services, studying is a tension-free space for all international pupils. The digested information from this guide will empower Indian students to be confident and thoughtful in their decision-making and their prospects in Germany.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Germany safe for Indian students overall?

Yes, Germany is considered very safe for Indian students. Germany has a low crime rate, especially in major cities where there are many well-known universities and a rich student culture. Additionally, German universities have strong support systems in place to ensure the well-being of their international students.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency, students can dial the European emergency number 112, which connects them to police, fire, and medical services. Universities also provide emergency contact numbers and support services for students in distress.

Are there any specific areas in Germany that Indian students should avoid?

While Germany is safe, you should avoid narrow alleys and be cautious if you are isolated and unfamiliar with the place, even more so if you are out late at night. Staying in well-lit, populated places and being aware of your surroundings can help ensure personal safety. It’s also a good idea to seek local advice from fellow students or university support services.

How does the German government support international student safety?

Germany's government have taken numerous initiatives for the safety of international students, this includes the creation of student hotlines, coordination of the local police with the universities that are attended by the students and community programs that are more focused on promoting safety and community initiatives. Besides, there are orientation programs and safety briefings offered by universities to facilitate students’ adaptation to new environments.

What cultural considerations should I be aware of to ensure my safety in Germany?

Adhering to the customs and norms of the local people can be a good starting step for you to be able to get by with daily tasks. You have to be careful with the right societal norms: it is proper to say hello to people by shaking hands, you have to be punctual for appointments and do not disturb them when they need privacy. It also can be useful if you engage in the cultural orientation programs and language classes provided by the universities as they will make you acquainted with a new language and a new way of living so you will be in a better position to feel at home in the new country.