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Canada in recent days has emerged as a nation with great natural beauty and various tourist attractions. To visit the nation, anyone who is not from Canada does not have a permanent resident certificate or is otherwise visa exempt requires a visitor visa. The process of a Canada visitor visa from India is less complex than it sounds. As an Indian citizen, navigating the application process for a Canadian visitor visa may seem daunting, but fear not! This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain your Canada visitor visa from India hassle-free.

The Requirements for a Canada Visitor Visa from India

The Canada Visitor Visa for Indian citizens necessitates a completed application form, a valid passport, proof of financial means, and intent to leave Canada. Additionally, applicants may require biometrics and medical examinations. Meeting these criteria is necessary.

Most travelers require a visitor visa

  • Almost every traveller needs a Canada visitor visa from India freely. An individual may also need a visitor visa if he is transiting through a Canadian airport on his way to his final destination.

  • A Canada visitor visa from India, sometimes known as a temporary resident visa, is an official document spaced onto the passport. It officially shows that an individual meets all the requirements for a Canada visitor visa from India.

The Duration of Stay

  • Generally, almost every visitor can stay for up to 6 months on a Canada visitor visa from India.

  • If an individual requires more duration at the port of entry, the border service officer can allow the individual to stay for more than 6 months. The authorities will indicate when an individual must leave in their passport if this service is provided.

  • Sometimes, the airport authorities also provide a visitor record that contains the date an individual needs to leave the country.

  • If an individual does not get a stamp on his passport, he can stay for 6 months from the day he entered Canada or until his passport expires. Whichever of the 2 comes first is accepted.

  • Suppose someone still requires a stamp and arrives at the airport that utilizes primary inspection kiosks. In that case, the individual can ask the border officer for the stamp after he finishes the kiosk.

The Entry Document Required

An individual usually requires a Canada visitor visa from India or an electronic travel authorization. The type of entry document that is required by the Canadian government depends on:

  • The type of documental individual plans to travel with.

  • The country is responsible for issuing the travel document.

  • The nationality of the individual.

  • How does the individual plan to travel to Canada for his trip?

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Canada Tourist Visa Checklist

To apply for a Canada visitor visa from India, an individual needs to specify the reason for his visit to the country to the Canadian government and the visa authorities. Depending upon the Canada tourist visa checklist the individual lists, the governing authorities require documents for different Canada visitor visas from India. 

To visit as a tourist

  1.  Any identification documents such as a passport, U.S. permit to re-enter, or alien passport for a stateless person, etc.

  2. Use of a representative, if applicable

  3.  Family information documents

  4.  Minor children documents if applicable

To visit for a business purpose

  1. Any identification document similar to a tourist visit

  2. Use of representative if applicable, similar to a tourist visa

  3. Business confirmation documents, such as registration papers and agreements

Where to Apply

The application process can be continued by signing in to the IRCC portal and filling out the basic required information for an individual's visit. The document requirement and fee payment are at different levels for specific situations and different Canada tourist visa checklists for visiting the nation. Still, the official application website remains the same.

Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time 2024 from India

There are various processes that an individual needs to undergo after the online application before he can claim his Canada visitor visa from India. The following is the list of processes that add up to Canada visitor visa processing time in 2024 from India after the successful submission of the application:

  • After applying, biometric collection: an individual can book the biometric collections as soon as possible to avoid the delay in processing the Canada visitor visa processing time of 2024 from India. In this collection process, the fingerprints and photographs of an individual are taken for biometric identification.

  • Processing of the Canada visitor visa from India application: in this step, the Canadian embassy that allows the individual to attain a visa for his trip to the country will check his application form and all the documents. If the application form is incomplete, the application for the visa may be refused.

A few extra steps may be asked by the Canadian embassies for Canada visitor visas from India, including:

(a) Scheduling an interview with an official in the individual’s nation.

(b) The requirement for further information or elaboration chalks up further Canada visitor visa processing time in 2024 from India. 

(c) To get a medical exam

(d) At any point in time to get a police certificate from the native country

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Canada Visitor Visa Cost From India

The required fee depends upon how a person plans to visit and with whom he plans to visit the nation. The maximum family fee that a person needs to pay for a family of 5 or more people applying for the same visa at the same time and in the same place is $500. On the other hand, visitor visas, including the Super visa, have a fee of $100 that is to be paid on a per-person basis.

Family Visa (5+)

Maximum of $500 for the entire family

Type of Visa


Visitor Visa

$100 per person

Super Visa

$100 per person

Key Takeaways

Obtaining a Canada visitor visa from India involves understanding the application process, meeting requirements, and being aware of processing times and fees. TerraTern offers invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of obtaining a Canada visitor visa from India.


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