Indian Chef Salary in Australia 2024: Latest Guide

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Jul 25,2024

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If you excel in the culinary arts, you must explore the chef salary Australia offers. Australia has an excellent culinary industry with a vibrant cultural scene at its backdrop, adding to the high demand for talented chefs. Irrespective of whether you are an experienced chef willing to take on new challenges and culinary delights in a new market or a fresher who wants to start their career in a successful industry, the average salary of a chef in Australia is quite high and competitive. If you choose to work in Australia as a chef, you will be signing up for very competitive pay in a country that consistently ranks as one of the most livable countries in the world. Australia has a multicultural background derived from most of its population, adding to the variety of culinary delights available in this cultural hotspot. Furthermore, working in Australia for a few years can help you build on the decision to immigrate to Australia with some positive experiences and influences. 

Do you wish to know more about chef salary Australia? Worry not! This guide has all the important information regarding the chef salary Australia gives to talented chefs, including the average chef salary in Australia, sous chef and executive chef salary Australia, the eligibility criteria for being a chef in Australia and so on. If you want to know more about chef jobs in Australia salary, this is the right blog.

Average Chef Salary Australia for Indians in 2024

What is the average chef salary Australia provides for its tasteful talents? Well, chefs earn much more in Australia than their Western counterparts. Of course, the chef's salary in Australia is influenced by factors like experience, the location within Australia, the type of chef you are, and so on. Different chef jobs in Australia salary have different expectations from you.

The average chef's salary in Australia is between 70,000 AUD to 80,000 AUD. That’s right! The average chef salary in Australia is much higher than what you may earn in most other countries and is also higher than many other thriving professions in Australia. It also differs from role to role, the executive chef salary Australia will be different from a sous chef’s salary. The table below will break down the different stages of income for the chef salary Australia will give you, depending on how experienced you are. 


Average Salary

Entry-level chef salary in Australia 


Mid-level chef salary in Australia 


Advanced-level chef salary in Australia 



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Indian Chef's Salaries by Role 

Depending on your role in the kitchen, the chef salary Australia will offer you will be different. Different specialized roles come with different duties that one must undertake as a chef in Australia. Depending on where you choose to work and what role you play in a professional kitchen, there might also be different workplace options for you. Some quotations of the chef salary Australia offers for different chef roles are listed below. The salary for the following chef jobs in Australia are listed below.

Name of Position

Chef Salary Australia 

Executive chef 


Sous Chef  


Line Cook


Personal Chef


Pastry Chef 


Junior Chef 






Factors Affecting Indian Chef Salaries in Australia 

Different factors influence the chef's salary in Australia according to their culinary talent. These factors combine to direct the flow of your financial income for the chef jobs in Australia salary. All these factors impact you in different ways. Here are some factors that affect the average chef's salary in Australia. 

1. Experience and Expertise 

As stated earlier, depending on your experience in the culinary industry, your income will be different. The longer you work as a chef, and the more specialised you get, the more your income will increase the chef's salary. Australia offers increases as you gain experience. Entry-level chefs in the kitchen will earn around 30,000 AUD, or 45,000 AUD on average. The average income for mid-level chefs lies between the 60,000 AUD and 70,000 AUD range. Of course, over years and years of experience, your income can cross 80,000 AUD and maybe even 100,000 AUD! Impressive, right? This is because the culinary industry is booming in Australia. Chefs are highly respected, and chefs in Australia are paid well.

2. Location Based Variations 

Different cities in Australia offer different pay scales for chefs. If you work as a chef in a big metropolitan city, your salary will be much higher than in a smaller, remote town. However, it is worth noting that salaries, even in the small remote towns of Australia, are quite competitive and the chef salary Australia offers its culinary talent is very high even in those regions. 

Compared to the global scale, there is no comparison as you are not disadvantaged if you work in a smaller city. The average chef salary Australia offers based on cities is listed in the table below.

Name of City

Average Chef Salary Australia 


















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3. Employer Type 

The chef salary Australia gives you also depends on what kind of employer you have. Whether you join a hotel chain or a restaurant, open your own catering business, join a catering business, or work as a personal chef, as a corporate chef or a chef at an educational institution, your salaries will be different based on different expectations and requirements. These different roles come with different responsibilities, jobs, expectations, and other dynamics attached to them. 

Thus, the type of employer you have greatly influences the average chef salary Australia gives you. The salaries of experienced positions like a Senior Executive Chef can reach almost 117,000 AUD annually. A Head Chef will earn different wages than a Senior Executive Chef in a hotel. Regardless, they are all well-paid applications that can be endeavoured further. 

4. Education and Certifications 

You need certain educational qualifications to be a chef in Australia and get the best chef salary. Australia can give you. The average chef salary Australia is higher for people with a stronger educational background in the culinary arts. To be able to work in Australia, as a qualified test, you need to have a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery or its international version of qualification. A diploma in hospitality management might also be accepted and is quite recommended.  Studying in Australia for a higher degree will also benefit your case and give you an upper hand for chef placements.

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Job Outlook and Career Advancement for Indian Chef's

Now, you must be wondering what career opportunities and growth opportunities are available for those pursuing the path of becoming a chef in Australia.

Worry not, for chefs constitute one of the most in-demand workers in Australia. It is predicted that chefs will make it to the federal government’s latest Skills Priority List, which includes all the career pathways that Australia is in dire need of. There are many job portals in Australia that you can use to search and apply for these jobs.

1. Job Market Trends

According to all the employment details and vacancies available, hotels and restaurants already need good trains across the country. The government addressed this problem in its 2022 Summit, and thus, chefs have been quite in demand in Australia for the last couple of years and will continue to be so.

Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and other areas are looking for good chefs, both local and international. Since there is a high demand for chefs in the country, you can expect good job security and availability.

Australia has a very diverse and multicultural work culture. As a chef, not only can you expect a good average chef salary in Australia, but you can also expect work experience filled with a lot of learning and growth. A lot of creativity and innovation fuels Australia's chefs to experiment and create new dishes.

Australia also follows a farm-to-table dining concept, which means that they ensure and focus on local, organic produce, which is fresh and always available. This ensures the quality of food is always top-notch.

There are also many local food festivals you can participate in and celebrate, where you can showcase your skills and network with other professionals in the industry.

2. How to Enhance Your Chef Career in Australia?

How can you increase the average salary Australia will offer you? How can you increase the executive chef salary Australia is known for if you choose to go for that post? Where can you enhance your career in Australia and ensure that you get the best chef salary possible?

  • Ensure to gain a lot of work experience

  • Specialise in one form of culinary arts and perfect your game

  • Make sure you have all the necessary qualifications for the job

  • Go away and beyond and get all the necessary extra certification so that you get the best chef salary Australia has to offer

  • Connect with other chefs around you and form a network

These steps will help you get the best chef salary in Australia and increase your growth trajectory, making you a successful chef.



There are many opportunities for those wishing to pursue the culinary arts in Australia and earn the best of the average chef salary Australia has set a standard for. You can learn a lot in your process and gain a wonderful experience while working as a chef in Australia. Do not be afraid to leap, as moving to Australia and starting a new chapter of your life can be very exciting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary for an entry-level chef in Australia?

The average salary of an entry-level chef in Australia is around 48,000 AUD. Anything above 30,000 AUD is a generally accepted average chef salary in Australia.

How much do executive chefs earn in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the top cities to pursue executive chef jobs. The average chef salary Australia gives to executive chefs is 115,000 AUD. The executive chef salary Australia offers as much higher than other chef roles.

Can certifications increase a chef's earning potential?

Yes, a certification can definitely increase your earning potential. You should get all the certifications that you think will benefit the job trajectory you want to go on. Moreover, it is most important to let your skill speak with yourself and be really good at it. What you do, so do not forget to pay extra care to the food that you make because in the end that is what is going to make or break your career.

What industries offer the highest salaries for chefs in Australia?

The hotel management industries offer the higher salaries for chefs and Australia. Working at five star or seven star hotels can give you the chef salary Australia can give. The sous chef and executive chef salary Australia offers is much higher for those who work at hotels than at other restaurants.

What are the career advancement opportunities for experienced chefs?

As stated before, there are many career advancement opportunities that allow you to increase the chef salary Australia can offer you. You can climb through the ranks and become the highest-ranking chefs or the head chef of the kitchen or someday, even open your own restaurant or hotel. Exciting, right?