Best Countries To Work For Teachers: Your Favorite Destination?

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Teaching abroad can be an exciting adventure to explore. The profession in itself is something of a journey full of exploration. Also, doing this job in different cultures and places would boost your creativity and career. Working as a teacher abroad not only gives you experience in understanding diverse teaching methods but also strengthens your CV. 

There is a global demand for teachers in different subjects and courses. This blog will discuss the best countries to work for teachers. Let’s understand the possibilities and aspects of this domain.

Best Countries To Work For Teachers in 2024

Teachers are in demand everywhere. Striving for academic excellence is a global priority right now, and why not? It is the foundation stone of everything. The openings for good teachers are available in every country. Let’s explore the best countries to work for teachers, their eligibility, salaries, and working environment.

1. Australia 

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Australia is one of the best countries to work for teachers. The excellent education system helps teachers to grow and develop further.

Australia has specific eligibility criteria. They ask for a relevant 3-year bachelor’s degree and an initial teacher education program. This could be a Graduate Diploma in education or a 2-year master's in teaching. The country offers an average of around $90,000 per annum. 

Australia welcomes a large number of students from across the country. Teaching there can give liberty to practice multifaceted teaching approaches. If you’re looking for the best countries to work for teachers, Australia can be the one for you.


2. Canada

canadian flag infront of a building

When talking about job openings in any field and how it is possible that the name Canada doesn’t pop up. Canada has an education system that always fosters excellence in student’s lives. The country's well-maintained work-life balance makes this country one of the best countries to work for teachers. 

Canada offers an average salary of $45,000. The eligibility is a minimum three-year postsecondary degree from an acceptable post-secondary institution.

The welcoming nature and the beauty of the destination make this country a dream destination for teachers to work there. 

3. France 

France Flags infront with Eiffel tower in the background

France is one of the best countries to work for teachers destination for teachers looking for a destination with a high salary and a lovely atmosphere. The country’s beautiful culture and heritage give an environment where working is a dream. Working as a literature teacher or a science professor is like living in movies. The country has the best education systems for growth and development.

The average salary in France for teachers is €52,600 Per Annum. The eligibility is a master’s degree, preferably in English as an ESL or Applied Linguistics. Not only the natives but also the country offers teacher job opportunities to people outside the country.

Even non-EU citizens who are native English speakers can work there. 

France has one program for this if you are willing to go for it. The country also offers Teachers Assistant Programs, for which you can opt for. This dream destination holds gratitude and respect towards teachers and believes in the power of education.

4. Germany 

Germany flag with a building in the background


Germany has an excellent education system. The openings for teachers in the course are wide, making it among the best countries to work for teachers. The country provides teachers with high salaries and additional perks and benefits. 

Germany welcomes many entries from Asian countries, especially India, for teachers. There are numerous subjects and courses to choose from here.

If you are thinking of moving abroad to work as a teacher, Germany has the best facilities, no doubt.

5. Singapore 

Singapore landscape

Singapore is a dream destination for teachers. Why? Technological progress supports educational innovation and teaching facilities. This makes this country a place that fosters development. The approach uses many methods and smart technologies. It is multifaceted and helps students understand concepts better. Not only this, but it also helps teachers to grow holistically and practice in a diverse environment. 

The average salary is $48,000 PA. Thinking of relocating abroad as a teacher? Singapore is the right choice for you. This country is one of the best countries to work for teachers. 

6. United States

US Flag placed on a map

The United States has a vast educational system both in the private and government sectors. The country offers a variety of teaching openings. Teaching in the US is surely a rewarding experience. The country’s culture helps teachers grow and practice new techniques. These techniques foster student growth.

The US offers an average salary of $50,000. The country provides a wide range of subject options that you can choose from. These factors make the country among the best countries to work for teachers.

7. Sweden

Sweden flag with sky in the background

Sweden has the best environment for teaching jobs. The country’s well-balanced education system is why teachers are attracted to this destination. 

The work-life balance the country provides makes it the best country to work as a teacher. The country offers an average salary of SEK 405,432. To teach in Sweden, you need a Bachelor's degree in Education. You also need a teaching certification. It certifies the teacher to teach specific subjects and grade levels.

Sweden respects and regards teachers. This makes the country special. Along with the support system, it facilitates.

8. United Arab Emirates 

UAE Flag with buildings in the background

The UAE has a mixed society. It lets teachers be creative and helps students grow. This country is also considered to be the best place for teachers. The country offers many teacher-supporting programs to boost the teacher’s spirit.

The average salary UAE offers to teachers is AED 8,000. The country can be considered as one of the options. The conducive environment for teachers there makes UAE among the best countries to work for teachers. 

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Teaching is one of the best professions when thinking of relocating abroad. The best salaries and environment fostering development are why you can work as a teacher abroad. Many of the countries as mentioned above provide teaching visas and other supporting programs to help you grow as a teacher. The choice can be made depending on the working environment, salaries, culture of the country, and your personal preferences. TerraTern is always there to solve doubts and ease your relocating process as a teacher.

If you are trying to know about the best countries to work for teachers and want to move to any of the countries as mentioned above, then TerraTern is right there to help you.


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