8 Best Countries For Graphic Designers to Boost Your Creativity

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Jul 14,2024

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Are you in search of the best countries for graphic designers? Art and Creativity have no boundaries. Then why consider the boundaries of countries? There are many openings for graphic designers in many countries. You can work as a designer and bring your designs to life.

The need for a graphic designer is vital. They are needed in marketing, design, and all institutions. The demand for graphic designers is growing rapidly. Are you looking for a job as a graphic designer abroad? Do you not know the best countries for graphic designers? Then, you are at the right place. Let’s talk about the best countries. In them, working as a graphic designer is like a dream.

Best Countries For Graphic Designers 

Do you want to work with full freedom using your ideas and creativity? What's the best job for that? A Graphic Designer. If you also want to practice your endless creativity at work as a graphic designer, start looking at jobs for graphic designers abroad.

Let's explore some of the best countries for graphic designers.

1. The United Kingdom

UK flag infront of London tower

If the subject design comes, then how is it possible that the name of London doesn’t pop up? The UK is considered to be a junction for Graphic Designers. The leading universities for graphic designers in the UK are the reasons the country flourishes in design. Anyone looking to relocate abroad as a graphic designer can always think of immigrating to the UK

The country is fully committed to producing exceptional designers. They come from the University of Arts London to the University of Brighton. The UK also offers good packages for graphic designers. The average salary the UK offers is around £30,000.

So, if you are looking for the best countries for graphic designers, the UK can be on your priority list.

2. Canada 

Canada flag with sky in background- TerraTern

Canada’s market is booming rapidly. With the continuous growth of new ventures in the country, the demand for marketing and advertising has also increased. Graphic design plays an important role in the marketing and advertising industry. Practices such as the creative visual representation of an idea are key roles of a graphic designer.

Canada immigration is the most attractive destination for Indians seeking a job in any sector. The country offers excellent opportunities and especially freedom to work as a graphic designer. People can work in a variety of fields depending on their personal choices. This is the best part of being a graphic designer; it gives you a free hand to choose your work area. There are various reasons why Canada comes to the list of best countries for graphic designers.

3. The United States 

US flag with a building in the background

The United Nations is considered one of the best destinations for graphic designers. The country offers a high salary and a creative environment in which to work. 

The country also has some top universities for graphic designers, helping students become future minds in the industry. Thus, US immigration is the preferred choice for graphic designers.

Due to the country’s high demand for graphic designers and the high salary, the United States can be considered to be one of the best countries for graphic designers. The country has diverse opportunities in this domain. The average package a country offers is around $60,000. 

4. Australia

Australian flag infront of a building


Australia has a wide range of opportunities for graphic designers. You can be an editor, UI designer, or teacher in this domain. Yes, the country offers jobs not only in business and corporations but also as a teacher in Universities.

Australia offers an average salary of $71,434. The country also focuses on the development and growth of designers by offering them innovative projects. It provides them with the ground to explore and experiment, and hence Australian immigration is known among graphic designers.

5. Germany 

German flag with sky in background


Germany is known for its excellent technology and architectural design. And this field also demands someone who can visually represent and communicate their designs to the world. The number of openings has rapidly increased due to the demand in this domain. 

The work culture and disciplined atmosphere are the unique factors of Germany. The respect for art and culture Germany shows makes it one of the best countries for graphic designers. The annual average salary Germany offers is AUR 44,000.

If you wish to work abroad as a graphic designer, Germany immigration is a go-to option for you.

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6. Italy

Italy flag with sky in background

Italy is the land of art with a rich artistic history. The country flourishes in the field of design. This country's demand for graphic designers is high because of its appreciative nature towards art. It is truly a dreamland for designers.

With a productive environment, the country offers an annual average salary of €22,182. More than the salary package and conducive environment, the country is best for career growth and self-development as a graphic designer.

7. Japan 

japan map on world map

Japan is always enthusiastic about design, especially product and graphic design. The country always welcomes graphic designers from across the country making Japanese immigration quite popular among them.

If you are into graphics and want to work in an excellent work environment, Japan is the one for you. 

You will get a variety of graphics-related jobs in the country. Japan offers high salary packages with added immunities. If you enjoy the culture of Japan, The answer to your question of the best countries for graphic designers can surely be Japan if you are in love with the culture of Japan 

8. Spain

Spain flag with sky in the background

Spain is the platform where you, as a visual communicator, can express your graphic how you want. Spain has various renowned institutions where you can learn graphic design; afterwards, you can directly practice as a graphic designer in the country.

The best part is the working culture there. You will always be free to exercise your creativity at your best without interference. So, choosing Spain can be the best option to work as a graphic designer.

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Art and creativity are in huge global demand. You can always go abroad to work as a graphic designer. This blog clears your doubts about the different aspects of working abroad as a graphic designer and the steps to take when making decisions. The countries mentioned above are the best for graphic designers, depending on salary, work culture, and career growth. You can choose one that suits your personal preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country is the best in terms of the highest salary?

All the above-mentioned countries offer a good average package, among these you can think of the US, Canada and Italy.

Which country to choose depending on the work culture?

The answer entirely depends upon your personal preferences. Work culture may vary by individual choice. But still, Germany and Canada offer a great work-life balance.

Which is the best country to study graphic design?

You can go to the United Kingdom and the United States.