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Australia is famous for offering quality education and an excellent lifestyle to its students. It has a vibrant student atmosphere and thus attracts students from all across the globe. They have a wide variety of colleges and universities offering multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Their holistic approach to teaching is something which makes them unique from other countries. The country is also the priority choice of students due to the affordable universities in Australia. The fees of universities in Australia are comparatively more affordable than those in any other country. Most importantly, it has something to offer to students from each and every field. There’s a dynamic range of universities with a vast array of courses, which makes Australia among the top choices for students who want to study abroad

Why Choose Affordable Universities in Australia?

There are many affordable universities in Australia, but there are a lot more advantages to it. Here is why you should choose affordable universities in Australia:

1. Affordable Universities

There are a lot of affordable universities in Australia. They provide quality education at lower fees, making education possible and affordable for many. They are globally renowned for their academic excellence. College degrees from Australia hold a very significant value across the world, which is why they are so popular among students seeking education abroad. 

2. Employment Opportunities

Australian universities often have good job placement and internship offers for their students. This work helps them gain valuable experience in their work field. 

There’s also an option for students who have passed out from Australian colleges to apply for post-study work permits in Australia. This can help the students to stay in Australia after completing their studies and get good work experience in their sectors. 

3. Scholarship Programs

Many affordable universities in Australia provide scholarships to their international students. These scholarship programs further reduce the financial burden on students and allow them to study abroad. Moreover, there are additional government grants and scholarship programs that help students pursue education at affordable universities in Australia. 

4. Cost of Living

The affordable universities in Australia are often located in cities or towns and not in big cities like Sydney. Cost of living and expenses are often lower in these cities than in big towns, making it affordable for students to stay there. Apart from that, universities also allow their students to work part-time so that they can make their own money. These part-time jobs give some outside work exposure to students and also help them to cover their living expenses. 

5. Lifestyle 

Australia is renowned for its high quality of life and good lifestyle. It has a good education and healthcare system that improves the quality of life of students. It gives safety and security to the student body, ensuring a good lifestyle for them. Apart from that, Australia has beautiful natural surroundings that offer opportunities for outdoor exploration.

6. Diverse Course

Australia is a top pick for colleges among students because it offers a diverse range of courses to students. There are numerous programs available for students, from which they can select the course they’re interested. Students have the opportunity to select the course they’re interested in. They have all the courses ranging from arts, business, science, technology etc. The diverse range of programs helps students to attain their career goals.

Top Affordable Universities Across Australia in 2024

Numerous universities offer quality education at an affordable price in Australia. Here is a list of affordable universities in Australia.

1. Public Universities (Known for Lower Tuition Fees)

  • Southern Cross University- This university has multiple campuses along New South Wales (Lismore, Coffs Harbour) and Queensland (Gold Coast). It offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in its colleges. It provides courses in different streams, such as the School of Health and Human Sciences, School of Environment, School of Education and School of Arts and Social Sciences.

The average tuition fees are: $15,200 to $35,440.

Top Programs: This university offers around 200 undergraduate and 39 postgraduate programs. The courses offered here are from fields like Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Management, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Business and Management,` and Natural Sciences.

  • Charles Stuart University- It is an Australian public university having multiple campuses in New South Wales. The college offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to its students in various streams. It offers high-quality education to its students and thereby emerged as one of Australia’s premier universities.

The average tuition fees: $16,000-$35,000. 

Top Programs: The university offers courses in diverse fields such as Business Studies, Information Technology, Nursing, Professional Accounting, Environmental Science, and Social Science.

  • University of Southern Queensland- This university in Australia is known for offering education at the most affordable price. This prominent university in Australia offers 500+ courses in different fields. It has been recognized as one of the cheapest institutes in Australia for international students in 2024, apart from that it also has a placement cell which helps its students settle down in Australia. 

The average tuition fees: $27,440 to $37,600.

Top Programs: The university offers 281 undergraduate and 240 postgraduate programs in various fields. The best nursing courses are provided at this university in Australia. Other courses are offered in diverse fields such as Agriculture, Law, Psychology, Business, Engineering, and Arts.


2. Regional Universities (Offering Scholarships & Lower Living Costs)

Regional universities in Australia are those universities located outside major cities. They are located in local community areas, offering various courses according to the needs of the students. As it is located in small towns and cities, the tuition fees and cost of living in these universities are comparatively low. The aim of these universities is to provide quality education at affordable rates so that international students can plan their studies abroad. 

Some of the top Regional Universities in Australia are the University of the Sunshine Coast, Federation University Australia, Charles Sturt University, University of New England, etc. 

3. Consider TAFE Institutes (For Practical Training & Career Focus)

TAFE institutes are educational bodies in Australia that focus on vocational education and training (VET). They provide skill-based education to the students in their universities, which is important for their exposure and knowledge. They provide education in different fields based on the course and needs of industries. They provide practical knowledge to students, which helps them in their career lives. 

Some affordable universities in Australia that provide VET are Box Hill Institute, New South Wales, Charles Darwin University, Canberra Institute of Technology, etc. 

These universities provide career-oriented programs in various fields, such as Health and Community Services, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Creative Arts and Design, Engineering and Manufacturing, Trades and Construction, etc. 

Unveiling the Costs: Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

It’s important to understand the fee structures and available financial aid options for students in Australia. Understanding these factors can help international students planning to study at affordable universities in Australia make the right decision.

1. Understanding Tuition Fee Structures

Average tuition fees for universities in different types of universities in Australia for international students:

Course Type

Public Universities

Regional Universities

Private Universities










2. Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

The affordable universities in Australia provide various scholarship opportunities for their international students. 

  • Australia Awards Scholarship- The Australian Government provides these scholarships to promote education links in Australia. This scholarship is available to students from developing countries who want to take courses, particularly at TAFE institutes.

  • Endeavour Scholarships- This is a merit-based scholarship that the Australian Government provides to international students. It’s given through competitive exams held by the Australian Government. 

  • Research Council Scholarships- This kind of scholarship is provided to students who are interested in taking up research in any field. The Australian Government provides fellowships to such students who want to study and practice research in their countries. 

Apart from this, there are university-specific and course-specific scholarships provided to international students. Interested students are free to research more about the course-specific scholarships which are available to them.

Beyond Tuition: Living Costs & Budgeting Tips

Apart from university tuition fees, there are various other living expenses that tag along. Here are some beyond tuition costs:

1. Accommodation

The rent of living might differ depending upon the location and city. The average rent for shared flats in Australia falls between $200-$400 per week. On the other hand, rent for a one-bedroom apartment can cost around $300-$600 per week.

Including other essential utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and internet can cost around $100-$200 per month. These variables might vary depending on usage as well as location.

Overall, the average expenses for accommodation in Australia can cost approximately $800-$1600 per month.

2. Food

The budget for food depends on personal eating habits and choices as well as dietary preferences. On average, a person could spend around $80-$150 on groceries per week.

  • Dining out can cost around $15-$30 per meal at an average restaurant. 
  • Overall, the average cost of food can go roughly around $320-$600 per month.

3. Transportation

The most common mode of transportation in Australia is the bus. Many buses have special discounts on bus fares for students. Monthly bus passes in Australia can range between $50-$150, depending on the location.

Another common mode of transportation for students is bicycles. It's a one-time expense for students who know how to ride. The average cost of getting a bicycle in Australia is around $100-$300.

Making the Choice: Factors to Consider

There are several factors that come under consideration when choosing to study in affordable universities in Australia:

1. Location

Universities are located in different parts of Australia. Changing locations can bring differences in climate, food, and cost of living. Before selecting any university, one must consider its location and the type of lifestyle there. Thorough research should be done about the location’s living expenses and whether they fall under the budget of the students. 

2. Program Offerings

Before selecting a university in Australia, consider the different attributes of the university. Gain insights into the courses offered at the university and its reputation. Evaluate the degree’s value and importance and the possible opportunities that come with the degree. 

3. University Rankings

Research the university rankings both nationally and internationally. Consider the university’s academic excellence and student placement rate. Also look upon the networking opportunities that the college offers and its alumni background. 

4. Post Graduation Opportunities

Research the post-graduation opportunities available in the selected field. Gain insights on the possible career options that come along with the course and what are the chances of growth in it. Also, consider the internship opportunities and job prospects in the field. 

5. Lifestyle

Consider the overall lifestyle of students there. Consider factors such as healthcare, safety, and social services. Look into factors such as campus facilities and student accommodation before making the right decision.



Overall, choosing affordable universities in Australia provides students with a lot of scope for professional as well as personal development. It ensures quality education and a very feasible lifestyle for its students. Moreover, it opens more career prospects for students studying over there. It provides them with a dynamic and diverse cultural group to network. It helps students to get a valuable degree while minimizing their financial burden. So, affordable universities in Australia grant students a lot of opportunities and experience in every field possible. 

Students interested in studying abroad can further research the colleges and courses offered there to get a more detailed understanding of the universities there. To learn more about affordable universities in Australia and seek admission to them as an international student, TerraTern can help you get there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How affordable are universities in Australia compared to other countries?

Education is much more affordable in Australia as compared to other countries such as the United States.

What are the eligibility requirements for international students?

International students need requirements such as a student visa, English clearance tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, and meeting academic qualifications.

Can I work part-time while studying in Australia?

Yes, working part-time while studying in Australia is allowed in Australia for international students.

What scholarships are available for my specific program?

There are course-specific scholarships available in universities. One can research more on it depending on their individual course.

Is it difficult to get accepted into an affordable university in Australia?

If the student meets all the requirements then it’s easy to get accepted into an affordable university in Australia.